NEW U.K. Artist Climbing the Charts

Daley Look Up

Move over Robin Thicke, Daley is here! While listening to 107.5 WBLS, this twenty-four year old U.K. artist had me feeling it last night!

“Look Up,” produced by Pharrell Williams, has this old school R&B soul feel. Listening to it, you might question whether it’s a new hit or something old you never came across. This artist is foreign to our radio stations, but has released earlier albums.

Daley says his forthcoming debut album “Days and Nights” is something like a “diary,” revealing thoughts he’d held privately before.  “Technically, it’s a love album,” he explains in an interview at Billboard’s New York studio.  “It may just be a breakup album,” he adds, “to be honest.”

Pharrell, as always, did a number on this one and Daley’s vocals are amazing.

Good luck to him!

Check out the audio for “Look Up”

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