Daley in Williamsburg



A decent crowd came out last night to see the UK singer-songwriter, Daley.

The night started off with happy hour at the Music Hall of Williamsburg bar then shifted to the sounds of Danielle Parente, a Brooklyn based singer and songwriter.


People usually don’t care for opening performers, but Parente had the crowd going.  She sang a few songs from her 2011 release “The Way That I Feel” and followed with a “Wicked Game” cover. Her voice was good and consistent throughout her performance. Not bad at all!


As soon as Parente finished performing the set up for Daley began! He was out in no time. Screams, claps, and cheers could be heard from all corners of the venue. Daley started off with a few of his older tracks, then gave the crowd something unexpected! Daley and his band started to do songs such as “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” and “Breakin’ My Heart” by Mint Condition.

Boy, it sure got hot in there after all those covers and high notes. The crowd was singing, dancing, and screaming “Yasssss.” Daley had our hearts and souls for the rest of the night.

After the covers he sang “Look Up” and “Alone Together” from his Days & Nights LP. He actually sounded better live than on his LP. Too bad Marsha Ambrosius wasn’t there to sing with him.

The tiny intimate music hall served as a great place for Daley’s fans and his performance. He’s truly talented!

“Feels good, feels right. Take the feeling, pass it on!” – Daley




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