Usher Still Got It!


This week Usher has proved to us, “I still got it!”

Over the past few years, he’s been though extremely rough times. From the divorce, to the passing of his stepson, his son having a near-death pool accident, and recently his son was diagnosed with diabetes.

BUT Usher didn’t fall into a deep black hole like other artists.

The Usher we know and have loved for years, came back with music! Similar to the ‘Confessions’ ordeal, but it seems Usher is in a happier place with this new song, “Good Kisser.” Maybe it’s the new boo that has him feeling this way.

I’m so glad he didn’t commit to the common beats and music styles we hear on the radio. His sound has always been original and it looks like we’ll have an album by September!

On another note, he looks GREAT! I mean… will he ever age? LAWD!



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