Poor Album Sales for Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’

Well… Thicke’s album didn’t plummet as expected. Doesn’t seem like people want to hear him beg for Paula’s forgiveness.


According to Billboard, Thicke’s album, Paula, only sold 25,000 in the USA and just 530 first-week copies in the United Kingdom. Yikes!
The album isn’t bad, but it’s no Blurred Lines. Which hit No. 1 on Billboard‘s album chart with 177,000 in sales. The consistency is a little weak and it’s not too hard to lose interest towards the end of the album while catching some Zzzz.
We can’t fault artists when something traumatic goes on in their life and they want to hum tunes about it.Hopefully the album was more about getting his message across than album sales and he gets the attention he craves from Patton.

Better luck next time!


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