Last week Catey Shaw released a video for her new song, “Brooklyn Girls.” The video is sparking a ton of controversy among New Yorker’s, who were not pleased.

The tune is definitely a catchy one, so why is everyone upset with the song and video? Comments such as, “Gentrified Brooklyn Girls would have been more accurate.” and “how can you make a video of Brooklyn girls and shoot it in only one place.” are all over.

Shaw states the song is more about a strong female and not Brooklyn girls per se. Then again it’s just a song. It’s understandable why true Brooklyn residents would be upset, but what’s a real representation of a Brooklyn girl or guy?

Is this Brooklyn?

Video: Bobby Shmurda

Video: Jay Z – “Anything”

If Shaw shot a video similar to these, would it make her song justifiable? Probably not! That would turn into a whole other argument.

Yes, Shaw only shows one part of the borough and it just happens to be the hot spot, but, everyone sees their town/city differently. It all depends on who you are, where you are from, and what you know.

Check out the video: “Catey Shaw – Brooklyn Girls”