JMSN x Rochelle Jordan at SOBs

OK, can we talk about how I saw two great performances for eighteen bucks at SOBs! I was so excited to see JMSN and Rochelle Jordan Sunday night and didn’t know what to expect since they are new artists, but they delivered.
ROJO opened softly with her producer, KLSH (Clash) and started off performing tracks from her recent release ‘1021.’
Rochelle Jordan x KLSH 2/15/15
I’ve listened to Rochelle since 2012; around the time she came out with ‘Pressure’ and I thought she was everything. Her music spoke to me! I would listen to ‘Pressure’ everyday it was a coping mechanism for me and helped me pull through a breakup. Especially ‘Losing,’ that was my shit and was always on repeat.
I started listening to JMSN a few months ago, but within those few months I’ve mastered his recent album ‘JMSN (The Blue Album)’ as if I had an exam on it.
JSMN’s vocals were so on point with the real tracks and his energy vibrated through the crowd. JSMN performed majority of his new music with his band members, Chris Wilson (formerly of the band Good Charlotte) on the drums and Ronnie Ficarro on the bass. A few songs came from ‘†Pllajë† EP’ and †Priscilla†.’
Chris Wilson 2/15/15
Chris Wilson 2/15/15
JMSN with bass player, Ronny 2/15/2015
JMSN with bass player, Ronny 2/15/2015
JSMN ended the night with ‘Fire’ the 4th track from album †Priscilla†.’
Peep some of JSMN’s dance moves below and don’t sleep on these two artist y’all!

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