New Vince Staples ‘Senorita’ Video

The Long Beach based rapper releases a visual, directed by Ian Pons Jewell, for his

new song “Señorita.” The tone is set with a man who has enormous Cali body art,

holding what appears to be a bible with the letters V and S on the cover (obviously

for Vince Staples). The man mouths the lyrics to the hook sampled from Future’s

“Covered N Money” song, as Vince walks by his odd neighbors unbothered. The man

with tattoos leads a small group that gets smaller the further he walks. It’s not clear

where he’s leading everyone, but everyone is being shot down from the weapons


Rappers are bringing our issues to light and using their voice through music as

instruments. Ian and Vince show that the violence created among each other

within communities serves as entertainment for others. The reality of this video is

sad— from the pimp, to the rednecks grilling in their yard, to the half-naked women!

Both are geniuses for using their imagination to show what America is and how

violence is viewed.

This may be one of those videos that need multiple views to fully understand

what Vince and Ian is trying to portray. The real twist is at the end, so watch closely!

Vince’s first album, Summertime ‘06, is set to release June 30th.

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