The Preachers at Bowery Ballroom

“Just a measly band from Australia,” said the Australian rock-pop singer of band– The Preachers.

The band blessed New York with their performance last night at The Bowery Ballroom. Lead signer, Isabella Manfredi, was on vocals/keyboards. Her energy and voice pushed heavy through the crowd as she sang new and old records.

The Preachers didn’t waste any time in between songs. They performed “Is This How You Feel?,” “Manic Baby,” “Better Than It Ever Could Be” and a few other songs.

The crowd went wild as Isabella poured her Poland Spring bottle of water on her head and danced in between verses.

IMG_7544Just when we thought the concert was over, the crowd clapped for more! And of course they came back to satisfy their audience. Isabella, the two guitarist, bass player, and drummer began to play a new love record they’ve been working on, “Two Tone Melody,” a slow ballet.


I overheard a few people say they never heard of the band before, but enjoyed their performance.

After their performance Isabella hung out around the ballroom and spoke with her fans. She’s just as awesome as she appears on stage! They reminded me of 70’s band Blondie (a bit).

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